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Heroes United Against Cosplay Bullying

Bullies love to target anyone who looks or acts different from the norm. As such, cosplayers are not immune to harassment and humiliation from outsiders and even fellow cosplayers with rigid standards on proper cosplay. Cosplayer and costume/prop maker JezzabellGem decided that she needed to do something about the negativity …

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Aurelio Voltaire

Versatility and devilish charm come to mind when thinking about musician, animator, writer and top hat wearer Aurelio Voltaire. His music takes you straight to a Victorian graveyard where skeletons play the violin and zombies are a roaring good time. Voltaire’s sound defies classification, ranging from dark cabaret to gothic …

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Strega Fashion

Once upon a time, alternative subcultures thrived underground. They arose from nebulous origins in backstreet clubs, each enthusiast crediting a different journalist, a different band, with starting it all. Now we live in the age of social media, and whilst some in the alternative scenes remain offline, enjoying the mystery …

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