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Atomzero – Symbiosis (European Special Edition) CD Review

A little bit VNV Nation, a little bit Nine Inch Nails and a whole lot to say. That’s Canadian EBM group Atomzero. Their debut special edition album Symbiosis was released through AnalogueTrash Records in the UK and Europe this past December. Symbiosis is filled with apocalyptic future-pop that would entice any Cybergoth to swing their synthetic dreads right off their head.

Atomzero’s melodic first single “MisDirection” is a heavy dose of synth-pop about a volatile relationship. “Nature Without Sound” is probably one of the most industrial tracks on Symbiosis. The synthesizers are very foreboding as the lyrics tell the tale of a planet destroyed. Those looking for something spunkier would savor the pounding “Build Decay”. The normally tenacious vocals are amped up to compete with the nonstop syncopation. The completely instrumental track “Divisions” displays the mellower side of this dance club ready group.

The power technology has over humanity is discussed on “Dissent”. You can hear the struggle between beeping synths having an argument during the electronic solo in the middle. These instruments have minds and opinions of their own. Melancholic guitars and shadowy vocals compose “Ghost Inside”, a song about the loss of identity. A lack of control over oneself and a person’s environment is a reoccurring theme on Symbiosis.

Symbiosis is definitely a balance between organic and electronic soundscapes, dark and light lyrics, and hard and soft rhythms. Atomzero meanders through genres with such delicacy and impressive precision. Their melodies work together to exist in harmony. With a recent lineup change on vocals, the future of Atomzero is sure to be ever-evolving.

Atomzero - Symbiosis Album Cover

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