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Kim and Misty Ormiston

[Carpe Nocturne] First let me say thank you for doing this interview with us as we know you both are very busy with your acting and modeling career.
[KIM & MISTY] You’re very welcome, Angie. We’re very excited to be interviewed by Carpe Nocturne!

[Carpe Nocturne] Tell us, what age did you start your modeling/acting careers?
[KIM] Hard to say exactly, it was a slow climb of inspiration, commitment, support, and passion.
We started falling in love with the camera since age 6. Our brothers would film us and after a while we started picking up the camera ourselves and our favorite pass time became playing on camera.
They made homemade videos that inspired and fascinated us and so we started making actual homemade music videos and videos with storylines at about age 8.
Our dad always inspired us and made performing fun as he would give us lines to perform and both of our parents would always watch performances that we would put on in our living room.
Our dad always showed us great films with great acting since we were at least age 8. He would show us full films, or great scenes. At age 8, we were in a beauty contest and dancing competition and because they couldn’t decide on just one of us to win-we both tied!
[MISTY] They loved the idea of working with twins because you can only work child actors for a certain period of time, and they were considering us switching to keep the filming process going!
[KIM] But we were too tall for the role (which I guess kind of inspired us to get into modeling, given our height). Our mom put us in modeling school at age 14 and we got a modeling agent which started our modeling careers. All through high school we were blessed to have to amazing and incredibly inspiring acting teachers, Mr. Rene` Piazza and Mrs. Ferne “Broadway” Kistner. Our high school plays were so much fun. It was then that we knew for sure that we wanted to do it for a career after high school.
At age 17, we went on a modeling competition and Misty and I were honorably noted in having over 15 modeling agencies interested in us in the competition. Soon after high school, our parents sent us to New York and helped back our funding to stay up there for a couple of years while we pursued our modeling and acting career where we landed the “Maxim” magazine gig from our modeling agency “Click” at the time and also were cast in our first film role in, “The Last Request” (comedy as Siamese twins attached on the back as prospective dates) from our acting managers, twins agency, Debbie and Lisa Ganz with Twins Talent. We were also called to be on “The Amanda Lewis Show” for a personal Interview which was pretty neat. This is pretty much how our career gradually built itself.

[Carpe Nocturne] Who/what inspired you to get into modeling/acting?
[MISTY] Our brothers really kind of inspired us since age six because we saw them making the coolest home videos! It made us want to pick up the camera and start making videos too. We’ve just continued to make home videos and get into acting ever since! We started putting on our own plays and making our own videos which our dad and mom completely supported and encouraged.
Also our dad always showed us the great classics which made us love great acting and be inspired by the impact of what great movies can do!
We did an audition when we were nine for “Interview with the Vampire” and got a callback, which was awesome. It turned out we were too tall for the role, so that’s when our mom got us into modeling. We started with photo shoots, but our modeling career really took off when we went to New York and landed a two-page story and spread in Maxim Magazine.
It was a very artistic and beautiful shoot, sort of had a Yin Yang quality to it. As far as acting, our mom got us in the acting program at school and we qualified.
So we took four years of intense high school acting, which was more like college work, with fantastic teachers as Kim mentioned earlier.
Even when we weren’t in school we were acting and role playing, directing, and filming our own stuff, shape-shifting the entire house into a movie set! Our parents were unbelievably cool and supportive with us doing that! We are even more amazed as we get older at how they handled the house turning into a movie set so awesomely.
That was where our love for acting truly blossomed and we were able to explore our talents, skills, and abilities. After high school, that’s when we went to New York and booked a roll in “The Last Request”
[KIM] We would get a new costume box full of costumes from our aunts since we were 4 and would do runway shows for our family in them to show them the new costumes.  Our family also always danced together, so performing came natural to us.

[Carpe Nocturne] Was your family supportive of your desire to be involved in this line of work?
[KIM] Extremely! From putting us in plays, film auditions, watching our performances and videos that we made, and sending us to New York.
What our mom and dad put up with amazes us to this day just to support what we loved and our passions. They would put earplugs in their ears at night because we would be inspired and awake all night writing then acting out scenes for weeks or months on end and sometimes the scene called for a passionate call out like “Stella!!!!”, a bloodcurdling scream or a loud and heated debated argument. They would fly into the room sometimes saying, “Are you’ all alright?!” and we would smile and say, “Yeah! Just doing an acting scene”!
We would change the whole house around like it was a movie set. One time we had coffins and a huge man-sized wooden cross up in the kitchen for the ‘set’ and our parents were so awesome about it, it was around Halloween, and they said, “Well, the place will look great for Halloween!” and we kept it up, and it was a hit for the party décor.
After New York, we made short films in New Orleans and asked them if we could borrow the house and change/move all of the house and furniture around for the vision of the project.
Our mom stayed at our apartment and our dad stayed at a hotel for three days. I mean, their support blows us away.
They are dream parents and their support continues to this day just as adamantly and remains such an incredible support system in uncountable ways. Our entire family (brothers, aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces, and nephews) and friends have always been a strong, encouraging support system which we’re so thankful for. They all are excited about the next video that we make and give us constructive criticisms or encouragement that helps or inspires us for the next project we do.
They always keep our career moves in their minds and ask us when they see us what acting we are doing lately. (Smiles)
Also, one of our absolutely best support groups for our acting careers as well were our high school play directors, Mrs. Kistner and Mr. Piazza! They let us “spread our wings” to play all types of roles (comedy, drama and from Greek Goddesses to male roles-and even goblins!) They made acting SO MUCH fun but also taught us how to take it seriously as a profession and taught us the discipline involved. They’re awesome!
[MISTY] Extremely! Our dad would always encourage our plays that we would put together and perform and our mom always helped us out on gathering any outlandish things that we needed for our acting videos and plays. They have been behind us 101% the entire way!! Our mom and dad paid for rent and food while we were in New York until we were able to book work and pay for it ourselves. They never stopped believing in us and do whatever they can for us. They have been unbelievably, amazingly supportive!!

[Carpe Nocturne] Were you encouraged to pursue further education and not solely rely on acting? If so what was your major or degree if any?
[MISTY] Yeah, we were encouraged to pursue education as well, while fully continuing to pursue acting and modeling in New York, New Orleans, and California. With education we could have a side job that we enjoyed to make income while we also continued to pursue and focus on acting. While in New York we took a Screenwriting class at HB Studios, as well as attended a class with a teacher that taught Robert De Niro. In New Orleans, we took an Advanced Screenwriting class and Acting for the Camera class at college at the University of New Orleans. We also graduated in Massage Therapy, which was a great suggestion from our brothers (and inspired from our aunts) because we can set our own hours based around random auditions and shoots, as well as travel, while continuing to have a source of income.

[Carpe Nocturne] Are there any other actors in your family?
[Kim] Our mother can act. They actually almost wanted her for a role in “Interview with the Vampire” when she was only there for us! She must have that actress aura about her. We’ve always seen her dance and draw everybody in! She has magnetism.
Our dad has done classic black and white 8mm acting with us in a silent film project we had to do in college. He also gave us really good directing advice. Our dad is an English Major and has a talent for writing, as well as majored in film history. We would be the first in the theater (and audition) if he were to write and sell a screenplay (which he has mentioned an interest in) we enjoy scriptwriting as well.
Our brothers, Scott and Keith, could be actors if they wanted to easily! They made home movies, acting, and film look so cool, fun, and hilarious!! They can also do some awesome voiceover work! They read books to us playing out the different character voices and read the dialogue in video games we played together. One time our brother read aloud l8 hours straight from the anime” Sailor Moon” 5th series, Japanese version – we couldn’t get enough of it!

[Carpe Nocturne] Are there any actors/models that inspire you?
[MISTY] James Deane is one for sure. He set a whole new level of acting. Our dad showed us some of his movies and pointed out the little things that James Deane that made him flow so intricately into his characters and make them come to life! Also, Jennifer Lawrence has been a more recent inspiration, and we can see why she won an Academy Award. It was a true pleasure working with someone who is inspiring to us as actors. To top it off, Jennifer complimented our acting after we finished shooting one of our scenes, which was very cool!
[KIM] Yeah they are usually the first ones to come to mind.

[Carpe Nocturne] Let me cover one of your modeling jobs, the Maxim magazine photo shoot. That was amazing and beautiful. Was this the biggest print/publication that you have been photographed for?
[KIM] Thank you very, very much, Angie. Yes, to this date, we would say that “Maxim” was the biggest print/publication that we have been photographed for. We also did a shoot for “Wrangler”, but never saw the final product. We also did our first cover shoot (twice) and had an eight page spread for “Cue” magazine, “Bride” Magazine, and “Cycle Dreams” on a motorcycle. maxim magazine photo shoot 2003- photographer Charlie Langella Kim and Misty Ormiston 2

[Carpe Nocturne] You both have a lot of acting credits under your belts such as The Loft, Scream of the Banshee, Blood Out, Meet the Spartans, and many more. How do you choose what movies to do?
[MISTY] Interesting question! Um…usually we’re drawn to character roles that we believe in or have something unique or interesting about them. Usually we’re drawn to gothic characters and period pieces! Or characters that revolve around a storyline that we believe in. But mainly, if the characters “speak to us” in some way, then we go for it!
[KIM] We also just did a shoot that was for a TV series coming up called “The Magicians” where we play gothic characters that have a simultaneous reaction for special reason. That was a lot of fun, and we loved the cool, interesting, Goth aspect of the characters! Sometimes if the characters are just fun and cool, we’ll be down to rock them.

[Carpe Nocturne] You have done TV and movies but which do you prefer? Or is both equally fun and challenging?
[KIM] We enjoy both! With TV series, we learn the character in a protracted manner and secrets and inner experience is learned over time. With film, it’s all uncovered in the length of that film. So it’s a somewhat different acting experience (just as watching them is a different experience for the audience). But we find that we can appreciate both.

[Carpe Nocturne] Of all the jobs you have done they all include the both of you with the exception of one episode of a TV show “Treme” in 2010 that Kim was in without Misty. Do you pick your parts based on the two of you doing the jobs together? And if not will you turn down a part if it can’t be cast in that manner?
[MISTY] We were actually both in that series as well! Haha I played “Cowgirl” and Kim played “Pony Girl” and kissed the actor, Michiel Huisman (“Game of Thrones”) in the scene! That was a really fun shoot. Our agent usually offers roles that are single and with twins, but usually the casting directors love us both and hire us both, which is awesome! In high school we did a couple plays that each other were not in, however. We wouldn’t turn down a part if we weren’t cast as twins. We’re very supportive of each other for any roles that we each believe in or want to do.

[Carpe Nocturne] You have done Steampunk, Gothic, and dark characters as well as males. It is fantastic to see all the costuming you wear and how well executed, especially when dressed as men (Jim and Mickey). You are absolutely unrecognizable as females. Have you learned to do all the make-up techniques on your own or do you generally have make-up artists?
[KIM] Wow, so awesome, thanks! We actually taught ourselves the techniques. We’ve done the “transformation process” since we were probably 5 years old.
But we hadn’t started playing with facial techniques until we were about 9. Our first attempt was a bluntly painted on mustache using regular art paint, and our brothers said, “if you want it to look real, paint ain’t gonna cut it, ha-ha Since then we’ve worked on improving upon the desired look that was in our minds.
We just kept working with techniques until the vision in our minds came to life! And we continue to be open to any new ideas!
Interestingly, we noticed that quite a few people have followed us on our technique since we’d brought it into effect, which was totally awesome to see! We kind of blushed when we came face-to-face with local friends sporting the new techniques!
Sometimes we’ll look at a picture that attracts us and work from looking at the picture for inspiration for the desired look.

Jim&Mickey-Music Video shoot Self Portrait

[Carpe Nocturne] Have you done any acting/modeling as Jim and Mickey?
[MISTY] We have! We went on several auditions as males and for male roles, and have made a lot of our own music videos as males. Since a lot of the characters in the scripts we’re writing are males as well, we’ll sometimes role-play as male characters to get ideas of where to take the script. We’re also setting up a male photo shoot in the near future which we’re pretty excited about.

[Carpe Nocturne] Do you get to keep any of the costuming/clothing you two get for sets or is it based on each situation/job?
[KIM] For a gothic shoot we particularly liked the many wardrobe options. They end up using our Goth attire for the shoot but we expressed much interest in the wardrobe attire options that they had available. At the end of the day’s shoot, wardrobe surprised us by giving us these awesome (not to mention expensive) articles of clothing as a present to go! We thought that was so incredibly awesome of her!
[MISTY] Not usually, but the one time that we really, really loved a hoody shirt that was the film’s wardrobe, and the wardrobe lady surprised us at the end of the shoot and gave it to us!! And these were no cheap clothes either! We remember having just received a text that we could keep the clothes, then we saw her from a distance and started running full speed towards her and gave her a huge hug jumping up and down! It was an awesome moment.

[Carpe Nocturne] Who are your most favorite actors dead or alive?
[MISTY] Oh, so many good ones to choose from…James Deane, Johnny Depp, Jennifer Lawrence, Brandon Lee, Cate Blanchett, James Franco, Daniel Day Louis, Leonardo DiCaprio, Hilary Swank, Jim Carrey, Jack Nicholson, Heath Ledger….to name some. Most of the people we named have a few things in common….they are either character chameleons (literally seem to become different people when they act), have an inspiring energy about them, or are very original in the way that they act and portray their characters. These are all qualities that we love!
[KIM] Yes, each actor has their own techniques and style so it’s so cool to appreciate each of them.

[Carpe Nocturne] Let’s switch gears for a bit. Something you have done recently was being the leads in Bella Morte’s newest music video “Exorcisms” from Metropolis Records and directed by Marshall Camden. You both were absolutely brilliant in the video. How was it working with such a great group of musicians as well as part of such a deep and emotional song?
[KIM] Thank you!! It means a lot to us that it reached you and that you enjoyed it. That’s one of the main reasons that we act, is to reach people emotionally, mentally, or even spiritually. It was an absolute privilege to work with people that we’ve admired the most since high school.
Andy’s alluringly and almost tragically beautiful, emotional, and heartbreaking voice has captivated, mesmerized, and entranced us and deeply touched our soul with emotion as we were introduced to the gothic genre of music for the first time (aside from awesome 80’s Goth bands such as “Depeche Mode”, “The Cure”, and “Gary Numan” whom we LOVE)!
The group is hilarious to goof off with and so chill to hang around. We had a blast with them and they are inspiringly beautiful souls to be around, carefree, humorous, and cool.
They are so loose to do a shoot with which makes it so much fun, yet at the same time are passionate and focused about the projects at hand.
When Marshall and Andy asked us to be in their next music video (and throughout the whole shoot), we kept thinking, “this is a dream come true.” It was something that we dreamed of doing for such a long time.
The entire “Exorcisms” album is so incredibly, deeply touching to the soul and to emotions. It draws us in when we listen to it like a current from rhythmic ocean waves under a dark night lit only by moonlight…You see what Bella Morte does to us? Haha Yeah, we were totally excited about it!
“Exorcisms” and what the video had to express was something we connected with, believed in, and were super excited to be a part of….we felt completely in unison with the vision, the lyrics, the song, and the storyline.
It was an honor to be part of such an intense video with such a powerful and inspiring meaning…and we hope we have brought to the screen, the portrayal of the lyrics through visual art. We felt it was meant to be expressed and felt also, somehow, an emotional release by the end of the project.
[MISTY] Thank you very much! It was a super awesome experience. Those guys had us constantly laughing on set! They were all so awesomely humble and down-to-earth to work with as well.
Andy asked us several times if WE needed anything, and here he is the lead singer of the video! The whole experience felt like fun teamwork and creative collaboration! Being that we had been listening to Bella Morte for about 15 years and absolutely love their music and what they stand for, it was truly an honor to be in their video.
The video itself was brilliantly written and directed by Marshall, who worked amazingly with us, and allowed us a lot of character freedom.
Andy, Tony, Marshall, and Brandon made us feel at home. Listening to Andy’s passionate and well written music during a lot of the takes immediately drew us into our characters, which was fun and awesome!
The lyrics in combination with the story of the video made a creation that we feel is truly unique and are proud to be a part of.

[Carpe Nocturne] How long did it take to do the music video? And was this a lot different from other acting gigs?
[MISTY] The longest shoot started around 6am and ended around 8pm. This is actually a usual day’s work on set usually. It took two days to shoot and one day for the ‘Bella Morte knights of the round table’ to get together for the creative planning process! We admire Bella Morte’s openness to ideas and joining creative forces. It’s very cool.

[Carpe Nocturne] Was this video shoot more fun to do since you already knew the band?
[KIM] Definitely!!!! Every step of the process to make the dream shoot into a reality was a blast with the band!!! They are so fun and full of energy to work with! From the planning stages in the beginning, through the shoot, and the after parties and hangouts, we had a fantastic time that we hold as a treasure in our memory keepsakes. We all are so naturally comfortable hanging out together that the project seems like a passionate project among good friends (which is I guess exactly what it was)
[MISTY] We know that if we didn’t know the band, we would have still had so much fun working with them, because they always give everyone an awesome time! But knowing them and their work made us have a flowing, trusting, familiar chemistry with each of them that was really cool! We knew that anything we were doing with them was going to be awesome because we believe in their music and writings!

[Carpe Nocturne] Would you like to do more music videos in the future? If so what bands would you like to work with?
[MISTY] We would absolutely love to be in another Bella Morte music video and have awesomely been invited to possibly be in another one in the future which we’re totally excited about! Other bands that we would like to work with would have to be “The Cruxshadows”, because we’ve also known them for about 15 years and have always believed in what they sing about. They have a true connection to life and love, which has always been a huge inspiration in our creative works. Also the band “The Absence Project”, because our best friend from childhood, Richard White, is the lead singer of that band and we have always made movies together since our childhood! Other  gothic/mood bands that we would also love to work with would be “Depeche Mode”, “Platform One”, “Behind The Scenes”, “Gary Numan”, “Pink Floyd”, “Linkin Park”, “Metallica”, and “Thou Shalt Not” because we deeply feel and connect with their music.  Also “Ego Likeness” would be fun and awesome too since we heard their music when we were in high school and just spent time with them on the amazing Gothic Cruise.  Their vocals and sounds are incredible and enchanting!

[Carpe Nocturne] You got to know of Carpe Nocturne during The Gothic Cruise. How did you find out about the cruise?
[KIM] Yes, and it was a pleasure to meet you, Angie! We LOVE all of the photos you take of the Gothic Cruise and of the moments captured that would otherwise be long missed!
The Gothic Cruise was another sort of “Dream come true” that unfolded before us! We found out about The Gothic Cruise while scoping out Bella Morte’s website on their upcoming tours and not only do we hear about the AWESOME Gothic Cruise filled with events and an incredible number of attendees, but we hear that one of our first and favorite Goth bands would be riding as well: Bella Morte.
HELL – YEAH. The Gothic Cruise had been one of the most enchanting experiences that we’ve ever had or felt, and the “goth family friends” that we met have been incredibly interesting, lasting, genuine, humble/down-to-earth, and so much fun to be around!

[Carpe Nocturne] Do you consider yourself “Gothic” as far as your everyday life regarding music, likes, and clothing tastes or no specific genre?
[MISTY] We definitely consider ourselves gothic at heart in our everyday lives! Goths usually feel like they stand out differently for one reason or other, and we kind of feel this way, in a good way. We don’t just have Goth dark clothes, but we do have one specific “goth closet” with purely dark, Goth clothes! And a different closet for any clothes with color, haha. As far as music, we love – literally – all types of music! We love every genre for their own great sounds of music and lyrics. We’ve definitely had an instant connection to gothic music, the moment we heard it when we were as young as six with” Depeche Mode”.
[KIM] We allow ourselves to open up and express our deepest emotions… instead of fearing them or shying away from them, we embrace our emotions and what we are able to learn and feel from them, which we feel is a very good and healthy thing…and we do this naturally day in and day out and love the mysteries of life… In this way, we feel “goth” in our everyday life but as Misty said, as far as music, we love it all. As far as our clothing, we roll with what we feel each new day. But we have a specific excitement and desire for gothic expression and style. It’s honest, expressive, awesome, sexy, and badass!

Hunger Games Mockingjay Leeg 1 and Leeg 2 Kim & Misty Ormiston

[Carpe Nocturne] What do you feel has been your biggest accomplishment/s in modeling or acting so far?
[KIM] In our acting career so far, we would say that booking “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1” has been the biggest film accomplishment
For modeling, we’d say that the “Maxim” magazine shoot has been our biggest accomplishment, although we’ve also done some runway and modeling for great designer names such as Fendi, Christian Dior, L’Oréal, Wrangler, Bebe, a Hilary Swank charity show (to name a good few). And we modeled latex clothing on runway before which was a completely new and erotic experience.
The “Exorcisms” video by Bella Morte has been our biggest acting accomplishment as far as music videos…and one of our biggest personal accomplishments.

[Carpe Nocturne] One thing the two of you did was an FX ad for American Horror Story’s Freak Show “Back to Back”. How were the two of you picked for that or is it something your agents found since it was a job involving you both?
[KIM] Our awesome agents, Dawn and George Landrum with “Landrum Arts LA” agency got us an audition with Brent Caballero Casting for the show. Then about a few days later we got a random phone call which I picked up last second even though it was an “unknown” caller and it was a crew member interested in us flying up to Los Angeles the very next day for the promo shoot! It was the most instant notice we had received for flight/hotel arrangements, but we said YES and our mom (a miracle-worker!) worked magic to make it happen and we were on the plane by sunrise. That was a fun shoot!! The director and second AD would call out fun cue names for us to follow with identical twin movements and we fell right into it naturally and the set was extremely upbeat and excited of the “identical performing series of movements” that we did back-to-back in a row. It was quite a fun rush, and they were a fun crew! The final promo is one of the movements that we flowed into.
We also had some fun in Los Angeles and went out and explored in between shooting days! Life is all about living it up and making the most of every moment!
[MISTY] You said it!

[Carpe Nocturne] Is there an actor/model that you would absolutely love to work with?
[MISTY] All of the actors that we mentioned above we would absolutely love to work if ever given the opportunity! (James Deane, Johnny Depp, Jennifer Lawrence, Brandon Lee, Cate Blanchett, James Franco, Daniel Day Lewis, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jim Carrey, Hilary Swank, Jack Nicholson, Heath Ledger)
As far as models, it would be very cool to meet Gisele Bundchen. She seems to have a super cool vibe about her and her style in modeling.

[Carpe Nocturne] Are there any jobs that you are adamant you will not do?
[KIM] As an actor, if the role is a good role, has a good story, good character, good plot, and has a deep or informative message to relay, then there probably isn’t much that would prevent us from being interested in considering the role. We love doing our own stunt work too! If it was a role that’s message we truly didn’t believe in, however, then we probably wouldn’t do it. For example, we probably would decline a smoking cigarettes commercial, because we’re pro-health.

[Carpe Nocturne] Do you prefer a certain genre of movie or is it based on the appeal it has to you both and which ones do you enjoy the most?
[MISTY] We love every genre from comedy to drama to horror to action. We love movies/TV series!! We also love “cheesy horror flicks”. Some of our favorite TV series are “The Walking Dead”, “Game of Thrones”, “Outlander”, “Archer”, “Friends”, “Deadwood”….Some of our favorite films are “Edward Scissorhands”, “Brokeback Mountain”, “Titanic”, “Rubber” (about the serial killer tire!), “Evil Dead 2” (laughed our butts off!), “Braveheart”, “Casablanca”, “The Crow”, “A Streetcar Named Desire”, “The Hunger Games”, “Rebel Without A Cause”, “It’s A Wonderful Life”, (yes, we watch this every year around Christmas time, lol), “This Is The End” (we were also featured extras in this film), “Clockwork Orange”, and so many more, but these are a few..
[KIM] I think it is based on the appeal… we’re interested in all stories to be told and in every unique type of perspective in which it could be seen through…

[Carpe Nocturne] Do you take or have you taken any acting/modeling classes or were you lucky enough to have that natural born talent?
[KIM]  We took intense acting classes in high school for 4 years, took a class for “Acting For Camera” in college as well as attended a couple of acting workshops. We were told, however, at an early age, that we have a natural born talent for it. The classes helped us fuel our talent and were a place to express and release it! We also went to an acting class in New York that also taught Robert De Niro – how cool! Our dad has always shown us great films with great actors. This is probably where some of our biggest inspiration comes from – watching and observing other great actors and allowing ourselves to be inspired by them through our admiration and appreciation for their work. Also, just watching people in everyday life has been instructional in its own way. Our dad told us before to “be observant and watch people. See what people do naturally.”
[MISTY] But honestly, we’ve always been naturally drawn to expressing and exploring different characters, really, since we could ever remember. We role play all of the time to see where different character minds go, choices they make, what storylines unfold, choices in attire, ways of thinking, etc. – and this has always been like a natural acting class for us – and super fun!

[Carpe Nocturne] Please elaborate on anything you would like the reader’s to know about you that we may not have covered.
[MISTY]  We made our own short film which we acted in, directed, written, filmed, edited, and produced.  It’s called “Confessions At Death” and won “Best Screenplay-Short” at the Queens, NY Film Festival. Maybe you’ll get to see it one day!

[Carpe Nocturne] What are your future goals and endeavors?
[KIM] Career wise we definitely plan to continue acting for sure. It’s a passion for us. Also, we would like to write a screenplay together and act in it together. That’s a big one for us. We are open to do modeling as well, awesome imagery, and massage therapy, all of which we enjoy very much too. We plan to continue to make home videos and short films for personal projects and improvisational acting for natural screenplay storyline, and dialogue as well. We have a lot of fun with that!  We also have acquired an interest in perhaps playing with music and soundtracks, and are starting to learn how to play the guitar, which has been totally awesome and rewarding. We have lots of interest in directing and have directed, produced, acted, wrote, edited, and filmed our own short film (“Confessions At Death” which won “Best Screenplay-Short” at the Queens, NY Film Festival).
Ultimately, we hope to inspire and reach people through our acting, writing, and imagery…and so that’s also a goal for us. Inspiration, higher learning (emotionally, spiritually, and otherwise) is so important we feel. Having a better understanding of each other and connecting with each other keeps life real and alive.
Outside of our career, we plan to continue to meet awesome people, live life, rock out, continue to expand and gain new experiences, perspectives, and basically to just cruise, flow, jam, and have fun with it all! That’s what life is all about and what makes it all count and worthwhile). Live the moment – Carpe Noctem!
[MISTY] Ditto! Live the moment – Seize the Night!

[Carpe Nocturne] Please supply the readers with any websites/links where they can find you and your work.
[KIM & MISTY] Sure! Facebook Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Kim-and-Misty-Ormiston/160169944075628?ref=hl

[Carpe Nocturne] You can also watch the “Bella Morte” video “Exorcisms” with Kim and Misty Ormiston at this link:
Bella Morte website: http://www.bellamorte.com/
Bella Morte stills/scene shots from “Exorcisms” video shoot were done by Brian Wimer
All photos from “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1” was downloaded from different internet sites.
Website: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kimmisty.ormiston/photos

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