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Iron Harvest

The RTS fans actually want!

“After the Great War, farmers found a plethora of unexploded ordnance, barbed wire, weapons, shrapnel and bullets while ploughing their fields. They called it the Iron Harvest.”


The Game

Iron Harvest is a real-time strategy game (RTS) set in the alternate reality of 1920+, just after the end of the Great War.

The game lets you control giant dieselpunk mechs, combining epic singleplayer and coop campaigns as well as skirmishes with intense action on the battlefield for multiplayer fans, Iron Harvest is the classic real-time strategy games fans have been waiting for.

You lead hero characters, mechs, and soldiers into battle. Cover mechanics and dynamic destruction play a major role in combat. Your squads take cover automatically, but a simple brick wall will only offer protection against small calibers, not against mech-mounted cannons.

Throughout its open sandbox levels you have to find your own way to reach the goals set by the dynamic story line.

1920+ was developed by Polish artist Jakub Różalski and earned him a cult-following because of his beautiful artworks painted in the style of the old masters.

“We love games like Company of Heroes or Men at War and want to bring a similar gameplay experience to this fantastic world Jakub created.” Jan Theysen, Project Lead at KING Art Games.


The World

The game takes place in the world of 1920+, an alternate version of our own world where mankind, fascinated by technology, engines and iron, invented powerful walking machines. Once mighty weapons on the battlefields of the Great War, they are now part of everyday life.

Mighty factions fight for influence, while hidden forces are working towards the destabilization of Europe, determined to set the world on fire once again.

The Saxony Empire is one of the most influential countries in Europe, with powerful industry, developed cities, modern factories and a strong military tradition. After the unfavorable conditions of surrender in the Great War, the current mood in the Empire is bad, and proud elites and humiliated aristocrats secretly oppose the Emperor’s appeasement policies.

The Polania Republic is a large agricultural country with a long history. It is trying to maintain its status and territory, struggling with its aggressive neighbors: The Saxony Empire in the west and Rusviet in the east. Polania initiated a program to modernize its army while a large part of the country is still occupied by Rusviet forces.

Rusviet Rusviet is huge, powerful, and has unmatched industrial and population potential. However, the country is tired and worn out by the long war. People are frustrated, and the power of Tsar Nikolaj weakens. Mysterious Grigori Rasputin has become an extraordinarily powerful man and revolution is in the air…



Lead dozens of different unit types into battle, carefully utilize cover and blast entire buildings to shreds. Take your time to come up with a plan which allows for a wide range of tactics. Mechs. We got mechs. Lots of them.


Experience an epic overarching story, spanning more than 20 missions over three campaigns. Join nine charismatic heroes and their beastly companions in their adventures across Europe. Team-up with a friend and master all campaigns side-by-side in co-op.




Command three diverse factions with over 40 unit types and 9 heroes with unique abilities. Setup skirmish and multiplayer matches any way you want. Configure your personal game interface and choose your favourite input controls.





Competitive multiplayer with ladders, ranked matches & leagues. Choose from a vast selection of skirmish maps and challenge maps, available to play in single-player and coop.




Conquer resource points, build your base and place fortifications to protect your unit production and research.





Brace yourselves for free DLCs & regular updates after release.





Each of the three factions in Iron Harvest will feature three unique heroes with their own abilities, drastically affecting tactical options available to you. You can choose between all nine heroes in multiplayer and skirmish matches. In Iron Harvest, Heroes are not all-powerful “super units”. Instead, they all have unique abilities that give you additional tactical options.


Infantry units are the backbone of every army in Iron Harvest, as they are cheap, relatively fast and – most important of all – extremely versatile. They fight in squads and will gain experience to level up to veteran and elite ranks. Infantry is the only unit type that can conquer resource buildings and man bunkers. As they are unarmoured units, keeping them in cover whenever possible is crucial, for example in trenches or behind walls. However, the real strength of Infantry in Iron Harvest is its ability to equip different weapons and tools on the fly, in order to specialize for every situation. Only a Specialist will be able to take down one of the many mech types on the battlefields of 1920+.


Iron Harvest will feature about 30 different walking machines and exo-skeletons. These mechs come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from giant, ultra-heavy war machines to quick and versatile lighter types, allowing for extremely different strategies.
Weapon Systems are powerful but slow armaments like anti-mech cannons, heavy MGs and mortars. A whole infantry squad is needed to operate and guard these deadly machines. All weapon systems have a cone of fire, so careful direction and placement are extremely important.




Web-Site: www.iron-harvest.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ironharvest/

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