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Sexy Shots of Candylust

By Zahara’s Tangled Web

Daydreams… long drives… twilight moments before sleep… interesting art… amazing fashion… these are the ingredients and inspirations for the glossy images by Candylust Photography. Based in New York, Candylust has been providing vibrant photographs for a variety of clients, from bands and models to consumer goods companies. “Any time I get to reflect makes me envision myself, my feelings, and how I view the world,” says Candace, the woman behind the photography.

Candylust is known for adding splashes of intense pinks, blues, reds, and greens to otherwise dark aesthetics. But Candace’s ultimate goal is a simple one: capture each model’s beauty. She works closely with her subjects to get their ideas about wardrobe and other elements of the shoot. “I want all of my shoots to have a little bit of everyone involved, so that everyone working on them really gets something out of it on a deeper, more artistic level.” Styling the shoot is very important to her, and it’s obvious that Candylust has a unique look when reviewing the online portfolio.

One of Candace’s favorite shoots is this black and red one with model Alien Baby. Her delicate facial features and alabaster skin set against the dark background is striking. The crimson tulle seems to be spilling from her waist, adding an ethereal element of movement to the photograph. “While the shoot was simplistic, she is so expressive, and she really captures the raw beauty of a goth girl.”

The bold use of color also comes across in the design work Candace does. Candylust provides flyers, product shots, postcards, and more. But Candace always asks the client what they want… which may not be her easily recognizable candy-coated hues. “Sometimes muted colors with a lot of contrast could have as much of an impact as colorful imagery.” After creating some samples, Candace moves forward with the sample design that resonates most with her client. “In the end, it is important that the client is happy.”

Fortunately for us, even we can get some gorgeous, gothy pictures of ourselves! Candace loves working with anyone who’s interested in hiring her for one-of-a-kind sittings, whether you’re into portraits or pin up shots. “I love shooting with people who have never modeled or stepped in front of a camera professionally. It is very rewarding to make someone who didn’t think they could be a model into one.” After reviewing the images on www.candylust.org, I’m most drawn to the vintage pin up portfolio. I love the curvy feminine poses and interesting backgrounds, including retro kitchens and amusement parks. “I really love the aesthetic of pin up,” says Candace. “I try to find ways to make them edgier to stand apart from the usual pin up portraits.” She even practices posing herself, so she knows how to coach the models when they get in front of the camera.

What does the future hold for Candylust? Candace has photographed many artists and captured live performances by bands such as Combichrist, Mortiis, Celldweller, and VNV Nation. She hopes to one day collaborate with Mosh, whose looks she finds to be really unique and dynamic. “We can truly make some wonderful creations!” She also aspires to capture Marlo Marquise during a performance. “I’ve worked with her many times, but never had the chance to photograph her performing.” Candace finds her entrancing to watch and an inspiration overall as an artist.

Candace also has a goal to create and incorporate some of her own fashion design into her photography over the next year. “I also want to do a few concept pieces that have never really materialized for me in the past… some involving apocalyptic elements and twisted takes on fairytales.”

When she’s not behind the camera, Candace spends time with her boyfriend (Tim) and dog (Bear). She enjoys long solitary walks and letting her imagination run wild, coming up with ideas for her shoots. She also loves rollercoasters and crazy nights with her friends. “I used to make music in a band before I discovered photography. I also used to act in short films and even tried making a few music videos.” One thing is certain: Candace is a creative force, and we’re eager to see what’s next for Candylust.

For more information about bookings, or to see examples of design work and photographs, visit www.candylust.org.



Model and Makeup Artist -Tracy Wayne Gacy

Model Tiffany Makeup Artist GigiRose

Model Onyx Makeup artist – Candace Barbieri

Model Blacklite Bonnie Makeup artist – Candace Barbieri

Model and Makeup Artist Alien Baby


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