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Zombie Girl Interview

[MJ] A new Zombie Girl CD is on the way.  Can you tell us when it will be released?  Can we expect more blood, brains, and rock and roll, or do you have something different in store for your fans?[ZG] Hi everyone! Yes, a new ZG album is coming out. It was supposed to be out in the summer (2014) but my producers had a few other things to take care of separately including going on tour, so things got delayed. I was very sad about this. But the album is now finished and all in post production which is the artwork and photography, kind of thing. An early 2015 is the best I can hope for now.

This album is similar and very different than past ZG releases. You still get the old kind of ZG dance tracks, but also darker tracks that go beyond everything zombie. People who’ve heard the album say it’s the best ZG release yet. How can you go wrong with working with Dave Ogilvie (NIN) and Kurt Maas, his co-producer? You can’t. It’s all very exciting.

You can hear one teaser track on my reverbnation page. It’s called PANIC ATTACK.

zombie_girl__singer__by_bloodyasylumleech-d5l4fh4[MJ] For the new CD you have been working with Dave Ogilvie.  How has that experience been, and what does he bring to the Zombie Girl sound?
[ZG] Dave (Rave) has been very kind and put in a lot of his influence. You can definitely hear subtle nuances of Marilyn Manson & the NIN sound, but yet still different and new and Kurt Maas Has been wonderful and helped me recreate who Zombie Girl is. I’ve learned a lot from the 2 of them. They are both excellent producers and the way they’ve teamed up is the best. The entire studio is experience has been fun and creative.

[MJ] Your new single “Panic Attack,” was included in the Alfa-Matrix summer comp CD.  Great song in my opinion.  How has the single been received by your fans?
[ZG] So far so good. 🙂

[MJ] Where did the inspiration for this song come from?
[ZG] Well we were listening to the bass line and drums that Dave and Kurt had just come up with when I told them about the direction that I wanted my sound to go in. As I listened to it, I just heard, have a panic attack, have a panic attack and so I wrote the lyrics right there and then. We recorded the vocals immediately. There also was no issues with doing things my way or adding this, or changing that, which is refreshingly different from what I was previously used to dealing with on the last ZG albums. It redefined what a studio experience is all about, which is fun and creativity and freedom to speak up and make a track yours. It’s made being in the studio a pleasant experience and happy memories.
Thank you, Kurt and Dave. I now believe once again 🙂

[MJ] What draws you to the zombie side of the undead?
[ZG] Well, Zombie Girl has gone from being a eat my brains zombie to the Queen of the living dead (Walkers) and has no problems with flesh, bones, skin etc. It’s not all brains you know. When you listen to “Rave of the Dead” you’ll understand better.

[MJ] You are no stranger to films.  Any future rolls or cameos on the horizon?
[ZG] I hope so 🙂 I plan on it! Also more of my tracks in films too.

[MJ] Since we are on the topic, any plans for a Zombie Girl video?
[ZG] Yes! Absolutely.

[MJ] When not gorging on brains, you spend your time the exact opposite way…as a nurse.  Have you been able to incorporate your experiences in the medical field into your song writing?
[ZG] I haven’t finished nursing studies yet. I have another year and a bit to go. I do have fantastic black scrubs though and I’ll accessorize appropriately. ZG will definitely be present to some degree 🙂zg-4

[MJ] Ever been recognized by one of your patients?
[ZG] That is a future plan 🙂 I just have to get this new album out.

[MJ] Who would be your dream artist/band to share the stage with?
[ZG] Marilyn Manson? The Cure…..hmmmmm, yeah, probably Marilyn Manson.

[MJ] Speaking of…will there be a Zombie Girl tour accompanying the new CD?
[ZG] Yes! I’m looking forward to meeting my fans and performing live for them again!

[MJ] In the past, you have had some problems with getting your artwork printed.  Obviously not everyone appreciates the artistic value of blood.  Is it smoother sailing this time around?
[ZG] Much smoother. It’s all about input. 🙂

[MJ] Here is a question that has been plaguing me, and maybe you could shed some light.  If a zombie apocalypse happened, it would threaten vampires’ food source, and their ultimate existence.  What happens next?
[ZG] Why would I care about vampires? I’d be trying to convince Norman Reedus to join me as my King and rule the zombies thus making life much more manageable and happy for everyone. 🙂

[MJ] For me, Zombie Girl means fun.  Songs like “Gonna Getcha” (my fav) get me up and moving, and put me straight into a good mood.  Yet, you can deliver something entirely more disturbing like “The Darkness.”  Where does Renee Cooper fall in between the spectrum of fun and well…darkness?
[ZG] Right in the middle. If you lean too much into the darkness, you become depressed and if you lean too far into the light you become a fool. If you are in the middle, I think you are pretty safe.

[MJ] Any last thoughts or message to your fans?
[ZG] Oh yes!! Zombie Girl says: Better not take your  dog on a time machine ride thousands of centuries into the future,  because if he sticks his head out the window his head will turn into a fossil. That’s a very sad thing, so don’t do that. Also if you meet Norman Reedus, tell him hi from me!


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