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Welcome to Carpe Nocturne Magazine. Since its maiden launch in 2004 as a digital magazine, Carpe Nocturne has received outstanding accolades from readers, as well as advertisers.

Published quarterly as a digital and print magazine, we hope that each issue of Carpe Nocturne will be an anticipated and treasured addition to your library.

Carpe Nocturne is the preeminent digital and print publication to feature aspects of the contemporary creative cultures and alternative subculture offering of all things Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Steampunk, and Goth.


We feature aspects of the eclectic creative subcultures to include Art, Entertainment, Fashion, Film and Literature, Interviews, Life and Style, Music, Reviews, and Technology found worldwide.

Carpe Nocturne Magazine is created to entertain, provide information, and offer a support system for the scene and community Other Than The Norm.

As an independent, high impact publication, our appeal in being a niche publication that is greatly coveted by readers. Our focus and the sense of community we create goes a long way, and the impressions we make are shared by loyal readers with common interests.

Join The Team

Carpe Nocturne is a volunteer run publication made up of writers, reviewers, and photographers of all ages from around the world. We are always seeking open-minded, positive thinking, dedicated and dependable volunteers to contribute to the global creative culture.

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Who Qualifies To Be Our Staff

Although Carpe Nocturne Magazine is based in the United States, we cover the world. We have writers in the USA, Canada, Italy, England, Germany, Russia, Australia and beyond! So, you can be from anywhere.

We ask that you write with a positive flair, write from the heart, take assignments, complete them by the deadline and do your best!

Please send an email to jobs@carpenocturne.net stating your interest (ex. Band Reviews, Informational Articles, Game Reviews, Gothic Fashion Model, Horror Movie Review, Live Reviews, Scene Reporting; covering your local scene) and that you understand being a part of this publication is a volunteer position.

Magazines or Books

If you have a lot of old magazines or books, chances are you already read most of them. There are lots of people who would like to receive and read those magazines and books, see the cool pictures, and get some great information from those items you no longer need. Knowing that you will be giving them to someone who really appreciates them will make you feel better and get rid of some clutter in your home. Not to mention, eco-friendly and better than recycling.

Send us your magazines or books, at least 5, in barely used or nearly new condition and we will send you one free issue or take the cost of one issue off your subscription and list you as a donor to your charity. We would love to get magazines and books from around the world and share a global culture.

  • Family Shelters
  • Hospice
  • Library
  • Military Troops
  • Nursing Home
  • Preschools and Daycare for use in crafts (badly used and worn magazines)
  • VA Hospital
  • Women Shelters

Make sure you remove the address labels that are on them, so others don’t see your name and address. Although we will check and remove them, be sure to take this extra step before you send them.

We donate based on theme of the magazine or book to ensure that we do not give something inappropriate to small children for example. If you have a preference please specify where you would like your donated magazines or books sent.

Please contact donate@carpenocturne.net