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The sword is my favorite of all the belly dance props. It’s dramatic, hypnotic, and always popular with audiences. I use my sword for traditional belly dance and also for character and cosplay dance. One of my fantasy dances is a portrayal of the Celtic warrior queen Boudicca, with a …

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Henna and Palmistry, Hand in Hand

Much like henna body art, ancient palmistry was a practice common to many different cultures and countries such as India, Tibet, China, Persia, Samaria, Israel, and Babylonia. One theory suggests palmistry’s roots are in Hindu astrology, and from India the art of palmistry spread to those other lands, also progressing …

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Creating Your Niche In Bellydance

The roots of bellydance in the Middle East run so deep that the origins of this dance are speculative. Styles of bellydance are historically associated with Egypt, Turkey, and Lebanon, as well as ancient Greece and Rome. There is little reliable evidence about the exact beginnings of bellydance but it’s …

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The Art of Neck Binding

Body modification has many faces. They range from common alterations like the everyday belly button piercing to more extreme modifications such as corneal tattooing, tongue splitting, and subdermal implants. The majority of body modifications have roots in indigenous regions and tribes and many are still practiced today. One such form …

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