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Press Release – Kansas City Goth Empowers Corporately-Employed Goths

by Joy Samiat 

Kansas City, April, 2016-The first blog for the working female goth is born. Its name is Goth Collar Worker.

Goth Collar Worker is a blog for women from ages 18+ that focuses on outfits and style for the career-minded goth. Typically, posts range from styles for those in the conservative work fields but can also stretch to more artistic industries.

There are a number of thought-provoking pieces as well, as the writer is very concerned with the fashion industry as it pertains to goths and growing up within its influence. Goth Collar Worker seeks to engage young goths and empower them, letting them know that their individualistic differences can be effective in other important divisions of life, such as interviews and the daily dregs of work.

Goth Collar Worker started in August 2015, with it’s first post being “Goth Girls in Television,” as an affront to the idea that media hates alternative women, whereas in fact, it loves them and gives them a range of personalities and freedom, not bestowed on other repressed peoples in modern media today.

When asked about why she created her blog, Morayo Bakare said, “I really created it out of a desire to figure out how to be goth and an engineer everyday. From there, I realized maybe others have issue with doing this too. I’m also an entrepreneur and think a lot about business topics. So, long story short, I created the blog. I also wanted to educate readers on, not only how the corporate STEM industries are changing, but how their style can also change with their industry.” Bakare hopes in the future to add personal style photos of herself to give real life examples to some of the posts she writes. So far, she heavily utilizes Polyvore.

There is also a stylist company attached to the blog name, Aplomb Noir. Bakare adds, “I’ve always wanted to style people, but I don’t think I would be terribly interested in doing trendy pieces. I would love to style goths instead, and take them from a super-casual outfit to something more professional. I want them to still feel connected and not like a new person. They should feel evolved.”

To reach Morayo or learn more about her blog Goth Collar Worker, visit www.gothcollar.com.


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