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The Hammer Trinity

“Engaging…highly theatrical!” – The Miami Herald
The Hammer Trinity is the kind of play that can, and will, inspire excitement in audience members!” – Miami New Times
Written by Nathan Allen & Chris Mathews Directed by Nathan Allen

The theatrical event of the year! The Hammer Trinity is a 3-plays-in-1-day epic theater experience! Join us for a day’s feast of story, tragedy and catharsis featuring over 20 actors, a 16-foot dragon, brilliant puppetry, model ships, stage combat and more!

The Hammer Trinity tells the story of young Casper Kent, who discovers he is the rightful heir to the Crown, recovers the lost Hammer, and defends it against pirates and the Crownless faction. Artistic Director Nathan Allen employs the epic format to create a multi-part, all-day theatrical adventure in the heroic, larger-than-life tradition of Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones!


    See all three chapters in one day.
  2. SEE CHAPTERS ONE AT A TIME — easy as 1, 2, 3!
    See the three chapters on different days. Please Note: If you choose this method, it is essential you see the three chapters in numerical order.

The Hammer Trinity is an epic saga told in three chapters that—for maximum impact—are best experienced as an all-day theatrical adventure. For your convenience, 3-chapters-in-one-day marathon tickets are on sale for each Saturday and Sunday through May 8.

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However, if you choose to split up your viewing experience into separate days, IT IS ESSENTIAL YOU SEE THE THREE CHAPTERS IN NUMERICAL ORDER

Chapter 1: The Iron Stag King

Our unsuspecting hero, Casper Kent, is the son of a poor farmer. When an old storyteller, Hap the Golden, reveals that Casper is the rightful heir to the Crown, his life is threatened from all sides. Young Casper must escape the Crownless, choose compatriots and question what is good and right for the land. Part one of The Hammer Trinity follows him on his quest to lift the magical Hammer that will unite or destroy them all.

Chapter 2: The Crownless King

After a hard-fought battle, young Casper Kent takes his place as the ruler of the Folk. Yet King Casper soon finds himself buffeted by forces on all sides. Seizing for control, the exiled black dragon, Irek Obsidian (voiced by Pulitzer Prize and Tony winner Tracy Letts,) cunningly lures Casper away from the throne. Our band of heroes ventures to the sea where the hooded pirate Davy Boone commands a fleet of Crownless rebels. All the while, Hap the Golden wrests to maintain his hold over the royal tale. Storytellers Hap the Golden and Irek Obsidian each seek to impose their versions of the story. But a third Storyteller will emerge to speak a new story….

Chapter 3: The Excelsior King

New Plymouth is thrust into Civil War as the Folk choose sides in the conflict between Hap the Golden and Irek Obsidian. With Queen Rienne potentially murdered, and King Casper nowhere to be found, our remaining Heroes have narrowly escaped the conflict in the Capital but find themselves scattered and at cross-purposes. It is up to the novice storyteller, July of the Seven Foxes, to speak a tale that can unite them again and save the Land from self-destruction. But a threat worse than dragons is encroaching from The Glaze, a darkness more powerful than even Hap and Irek had anticipated.  Will Kaelan Wayne and his war machine take advantage of the moment and strike an end to the storytelling forever?

Don’t miss the epic theatrical adventure of the year! 

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