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Seattle Sounds: Interview with Pamela Moore

1521845_10152455513522611_4254196177667137268_nPamela Moore is best known as Seattle Heavy Metal Goddess “Sister Mary” for Queensryche’s Operation Mindcrime concept albums. She is the cousin of Teri Nunn of the 80’s New Wave iconic group, Berlin. Pamela is also an extremely kind-hearted mentor and vocal coach to students both in the Seattle-area and abroad. I have to say, she is honestly one of the kindest people I have ever had the privilege of knowing. I have interviewed Pamela previously and sat down with her in June to catch up with what has been going on in her world. We discussed her successful career, upcoming projects and other musings.

[Carpe Nocturne] Pamela, have you always known you would be a singer? Did you have other career aspirations growing up?
[Pamela Moore] “When I was a young girl, around the aged of 7, I wanted to be an actress. My Mother always said if I was going to be an actress, I had to learn to sing and dance. We didn’t have the money to take all of those classes. I taught myself how to sing, play the guitar and the piano. I did some acting in High School. My Mom was an inspiration because she acted in small local theater productions.”

[Carpe Nocturne] When did you begin your career in music?
[Pamela Moore] “I began at the age of 14. I was with a band in high school. I was mortified because my Mom was involved in making sure she knew what we were doing and making sure everything was OK. It was good because I wasn’t old enough to make those decisions for myself. I am glad that she had that concern for me.”

[Carpe Nocturne] Were you inspired by any singers?
[Pamela Moore] “I have always been inspired by many different kinds of singers. I have a tough time answering questions like this because I don’t want to pigeon hole myself into a specific type of singer. Back in the day, I loved listening to Paul Rogers and Anne Wilson. They were on the radio at the time. Most of the time, I was more inspired by songs, as opposed to specific singers. Really well written songs in Country, Metal, R&B can really sing to your heart.”

[Carpe Nocturne] How did you become first involved with Queensryche and take on the role of Sister Mary?
[Pamela Moore] “1989. I had already released two albums with First American Records (1981-1982) and was in Boy Toy at the time. It all started because I had gone over budget on my 2nd album and worked out a trade with the studio to record a commercial for Guitars Etc… The ad wound up being played all the time on the radio and television. I then started working by day at Guitars Etc… and at night with Boy Toy. I met Chris DeGarmo (one of the founding members of Queensryche). He introduced me to Geoff Tate. They actually came out to a Boy Toy show when we played at Pier 70 on the Seattle waterfront. Some time later, I got a phone call from Chris. He explained that Queensryche was in Montreal recording. They wanted me to ‘come up and sing a part’ for them. It was a duet for Geoff. I couldn’t hear it before hand. He explained it was a conceptual album and they were holding it very close. They flew me to Montreal and told me about the concept of the album. We went into the studio, recorded the song and some voice over stuff for the Sister Mary part. I was pretty lucky. I was in the right place at the right time and did the right thing.”

[Carpe Nocturne] I understand you are involved with a horror project now. Tell me about it.
[Pamela Moore] “I submitted my song Paranoia for Draghellpictures.com: The Zombie Meat Lovers. It was fun and quite hilarious.

[Carpe Nocturne] Tell us about your teaching of vocal lessons and performance coaching?
[Pamela Moore] “I started teaching part-time in the 90s. My notoriety has put me in a situation where I can show people my vocal techniques. I have really been doing this full time since 2009. I now have a recording program for my first time students so they have a chance to record a song for the first time in a professional studio. It is great to give back something that I have learned.”

[Carpe Nocturne] What are your current projects?
[Pamela Moore] “I recently returned from a rock cruise doing an acoustic set and have plans to do another rock cruise in 2016 with my band. I have been continuing to build by business as a vocal coach and working on new material for the Pamela Moore Band.10978523_357590127758997_6775220302035470748_n

Pamela can be found on the web and on Facebook. Check out her page and give her a like. Her voice is amazing.
www.pamelamoore.net www.pamelamoore.net/pmdream/lessons.html
Video trailer for The Zombie Meat Lovers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9q-prbNSs9Q


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