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Who Ya Gonna Call? Probably Not Caesar & Otto if You Want to Live!

Caesar and Otto are back and they don’t seem to have learned anything! Created by actors Dave Campfield and Paul Chomicki, half-brothers Caesar and Otto Dinovio have already bumbled their way through a Summer Camp Massacre and a Deadly X-Mas, but now they have returned to take on a Paranormal Halloween.

sZ_fCaPHrHvgUHVVdFrsHax4Vxo8iYG-4zxnU9d09fwIf you are a fan of lovingly crafted horror meta-humor and gentle ribbing at all of the campy madness that makes the horror genre what it is, then you will love Caesar and Otto’s Paranormal Halloween, just like I did.

The Story: After accidentally killing notorious serial killer Michael Miles while babysitting, Caesar (Campfield) and Otto (Chomicki) are offered the chance to housesit at the Governor’s summer home, a surprisingly modest affair that may be just a little haunted. Comely neighbors, cooks of questionable mental health, and the fellas’ leech of a father are just a few of the complications they face as they try to sort out exactly what is going on in the Governor’s house.

Starring, directed, written, edited, and produced by Campfield, Paranormal Halloween is a stellar example of low-budget filmmaking done right. Nothing is perfect, nor really, should it be. What it lacks in mind-boggling CGI or high-end production design, it makes up for in a truly clever script delivered by a cast that is having a ball. Featuring cameos from genre legends such as Felissa Rose, Vernon Wells, Debbie Rochon, Beverly Randolph, and Tiffany Shepis, the cast of Paranormal Halloween knows which horror tropes to mine for the best laughs, because they’ve been at this game for a while.ifjViWvUMT24mD_BoJaev2NRsZmf_RTiRH2_d9N8-ZA

And Paranormal Halloween is really funny. Halloween, The Amityville Horror (original and remake), The Shining; even if you think you’ve seen these movies lampooned before, Caesar and Otto approach it with their trademark, “Laurel & Hardy” vibe and it’s a real blast to watch. Previously, Caesar was always a *jazz hands* style caricature of a Hollywood wannabe, and while Campfield has toned down Caesar’s rougher edges for Paranormal Halloween, I have to admit that I missed bitchy Caesar. Mellower Caesar aside, the camaraderie between Campfield and Chomicki is obvious, and it’s only getting better with time.

As a fan of Caesar and Otto from way back, I am thrilled to say that Caesar and Otto’s Paranormal Halloween is a fabulous addition to their screwball canon.

Caesar and Otto’s Paranormal Halloween is available NOW on DVD!

Rating: 4 Flawless Rob Zombie Gags out of 5

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