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Avarice in Audio – Shine & Burn CD Review

The angelic, operatic vocals of Jade Pegg collide with the aggressive growls of Gerry Hawkins to create dark synthpop that will leave you in a trance. Avarice in Audio’s Shine & Burn glows like the ethereal night sky, then burns like wildfire.

The lead single “Frostbite” is conceptual in both lyrics and instrumentation. Frosty synths dance among beautiful descriptions of tundra winds and glaciers. Jade’s amazing vocal range is almost hypnotic strewn against the pulsing beats. “China White” has a clear traditional Asian influence, and the prominent screams of Gerry are reminiscent of Daniel Graves from Aesthetic Perfection.

The duo team up on the songs “Lacklustre” and “The Cassandra Complex”, blending their contrasting vocals into haunting EDM soundscapes. Jade’s glass shattering siren calls cannot be duplicated.

“Behind Your Mask” opens with what sound like Gregorian chants and is a switch into slower electronica. The track is a collaboration with electronic rock band MiXE1, featuring a moodier, more atmospheric feel. The swift “Bleed as One” rolls into a distorted vocal dupstep breakdown that blurs genre lines.

The lyrical complexity of Shine & Burn propels the listener on an electronic odyssey of transcendence. Before you take a listen, make sure you know your way back to reality.


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