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The Hidden Treasures of Steampunk in Video Games


Do you have a love for Steampunk? Do you have a love for video games? Ever wish you could have both put together? Well it has been done and you may have just missed out on a few great titles that are steampunk based. Here are a few hidden gems in the Video game world that are worthy “Steampunk” based masterpieces. If you have not tried them or heard of them, then you are in for a treat.

1. blood omen 2

Blood Omen 2

Blood Omen 2 was released on Ps2, GameCube, Xbox, & PC in 2002; It’s the sequel to the “Legacy of Kain.” It Continues the story of Kain the Vampire four hundred years after the events of the first game. The opening cinema shows Kain’s defeat at the hands of a Demon general. Left for dead, he awakes years later in the presence of a mysterious female vampire, telling him he is to help her group of rebel vampires retake Nosgoth from the enemy scourge….and so begins our game. The game takes place in Nosgoth during Its Industrial Period. Essentially, the most steampunk setting it could be, with its steam powered lifts, doors & other devices. The game’s landscapes are sewers and Gothic mansions set in 17th century London. It creates a world of Steampunk Vampiric fun.


2. damnation


Released in 2009, for Ps3, Xbox360, & PC, Damnation is a Third person steampunk shooter. It is set in an alternate 19th century where the tech is far more advanced than is possible for now, let alone two hundred years ago. Like most shooters, the game starts with you in the middle of the action. You Play as Hamilton Rourke, an ex- Cowboy Soldier with a storied past, who leads a group of freedom fighters against an evil corporation named Prescott (XD). The corporation’s intent is to rule the world, and this band of would be rebels are the only thing standing in their way. The steampunk aspects of the game add to the overall ambience of this storied shooter. With steam powered motorbikes, trains, aircrafts, and weaponry, the game has a nice premise at its core. The clothing is also rich in design, and touch’s the heart of any steampunk fan who’s played or seen the game. Its steampunk aesthetics are “Damnation’s” best feature without a doubt.

3. The Order 1886

The Order: 1886

This Third-person cover shooter was released earlier this year exclusively on the Ps4. You play the role of Sir Galahad, an immortal knight in the order of the roundtable. Granted, he’s not the original Sir Galahad. The names of the knights are passed down in succession to brave warriors throughout the ages. The game begins with you awaking in a prison being tortured by your jailers. You manage to break free from your captors (through a few quicktime events), killing them, and trying to make your escape. While in the halls of the prison, you encounter a few more guards on your way to freedom. Along the way, Sir Galahad is corned on a tower bridge by the rest of the order. They tell him to give himself up, to which he replies, “I’m already damned anyways.” Sir Galahad jumps off of the bridge, and so the game begins.

The order is set in an Alternate 19th century London being terrorized by Vampires and Werewolves. With steam powered weapons, aircrafts, and the like, The Order’s world is a beautiful blend of Gothic and Steampunk imagery. For me, that is a dream come true. With all of its gears, levers, and steampunk attire, it’ll make you cry in joy.


4. Alice the Madness returns

Alice: The Madness Return

Released in 2011 For the Ps3, Xbox 360 & PC, Alice the Madness Returns is a Gothic psychological horror action-adventure game set in a steampunk world. The story takes place in a twisted retelling of the Alice in wonderland tale. This game occurs years after the first. Now Alice is a young woman dealing with her twisted adventures in wonderland and the deaths of her family. She’s now seeing a psychologist who’s trying to help her deal with these tragic events……or so it seems. Somehow, she keeps getting sucked back into that demented place, and so the game begins. With a full clockworks world, with clockwork knights, trains, towers, slimes and monsters around all corners ready to jump out and kill you in the best ways you can image, this game is Steampunk at its finest. Alice’s costumes are beautiful in a Gothic Steampunk fusion we all love so much. They have to be seen to truly appreciate them in all of their glorious twisted beauty.


5. bloodrayne



Launched in 2002 for Xbox, 2003 for GameCube & 2004 for Ps2, Bloodrayne is a Character Action game set in 1930’s Louisiana, Argentina, & Germany. You Play as Rayne, a young dhampir Vampire hunter, new to the job, out to rid the world of vampires once and for all. She soon learns her enemies’ grip on the world far exceeds what she originally believed. Rayne Punches, kicks and slashes her way through three acts of Zombies, Vampire Nazis, and other supernatural creatures, all to get to the bottom of this conspiracy. The game’s aesthetics range from very Gothic to extraordinarily Steampunk, and Rayne’s outfits follow suit. The game has a very tongue and cheek atmosphere which will give most gamers a good laugh at the very least.


There is more where those came from, do a search online to find more, check out these games to get your gears cranking.

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