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Devil-M: Revenge of the Antichrist CD Review

Get ready for some heavy food for your metal ears with a classical instrumental touch that will leave you begging for more. Revenge of the Antichrist has a very unique sound. Each track on the album is interesting and enticing. Some bands in this Genre of music can get repetitive after the 5th track, yet this is not the case with Devil-M. Even with the remix tracks being a song that’s on the CD, you still get something different for your ears.

Once I played the first song on Revenge of the Antichrist, I immediately fell for the beats and the musical layout. The lead singer’s voice (Max Meyer) just fell into place with the tones and effects. You will get your head banging going, then feel like you are swimming free in an ocean of a classical heaven. This is a very new and different style to this type of music, and very welcomed. Track 16 is very well composed, and the beat will have you closing your eyes and bouncing with it’s rhythm’s before long. Listening to the piano undertones that lead into a solo creates this classical ending that will scream “Gothic,” which I loved!

Apokrypha is one of my favorite tracks because it brings back memories of my teen years of head banging. You can understand every word, then before you know it, you sink into the atmospheric tones that follow. The sounds in this track give you a mind melt effect. Because of the varying instruments used to compliment the drums, you find this Album is full of surprises. I cannot wait to hear more from Devil-M. They have a very strong unique sound that I loved and cannot get enough of. If you like German based metal bands, then you will love Devil-M. If you have never once heard a German metal band, then you are in for a real treat. Keep your eyes and ears open for the next album from Devil-M. I know I will be.

Albumcover - Revenge of the Antichrist

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