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Plague: The Fun of Human Eradication

If you are like me, there has been a multitude of times you have sat on your couch secretly wishing you could wipe out the entire world with some abominable disease. Now you can, thanks to brains at Ndemic Creations. Plague is a game that has been duplicated many times, but never equaled. There is a reason it has been one of the top selling apps for the past couple of years. Available on PC, Mac, Android, and iOS, Plague is the game many people turn to when they have some free time on their hands, or just have an hour to kill. You will find me quite often with my iPad on my lap, game open, and screaming, “I am the Fungus King!” ( you can insert strange looks from my wife here).

Plague is much more than a sadistically pleasing end of the world game. It is extremely complex and strategic. You begin with one person infected…patient zero, in the country of your choice. From there, you need to evolve your organism to infect the world, and ultimately bring humanity to their day of reckoning. It’s not so easy, especially when the world bands together to research a cure to fight you. The game becomes a race against time, and hopefully you have done enough to outpace modern science. I also hope you have managed to infect Greenland before they shut down their seaport…it’s a real challenge to infect every country.

evolve 2To begin, you are given a simple bacteria, but other diseases are relatively easy to unlock (if you have skill and patience). Next is the highly mutating Virus, which seems to throw you curve balls when you least expect it. Next is the Fungus, my particular favorite. Mold and yeast are my allies. Parasite comes next, and oh what fun that is. Next is Prion, Nano-Virus, and finally…a highly lethal Bio-Weapon. All have different abilities, and different strategies are needed to win the game. What works for bacteria, will not work for Nano-Virus, or at least not as well. This game makes you constantly think and adjust.

Besides the standard diseases, Plague gives you even more to keep you occupied. First, there are the scenarios. Want to bring back the Black Death and finish the job it started in the fourteenth century? Yes, Yersenia Pestis is playable. You must evolve this ancient global killer to take on modern medicine, and wipe out the human race. What happens if the Earth meets another Ice Age? This is another playable scenario you must adapt to. There are tons.

If you are starting to think this is a game you might want to download, just wait. It gets better. There are the special plague types. First is the Neurax Worm. This is an organism that gets into the host’s brain and can control their actions. Do you want to destroy humanity, or enslave them? That is an option. Next, is the Simian Flu. It is your job to bring about the virtual Planet of the Apes. Finally, there is ultimately pleasing Necroa Virus. With this little bad boy, you can unleash the Zombie Apocalypse.

Plague is not just your standard game. There is so much to do, so much to complete, and so much to keep this game from getting boring. You can spend all night destroying humanity, or kill a half hour while you are waiting for your car’s oil to be changed. There are regular updates and more always being added. It keeps the game fresh. There are also four different difficulties, which the more challenging ones have a tendency to humble even the most able of mad scientists. Can you adapt? Are you strategic enough? Find out, and download the extremely enjoyable game, Plague.select disease


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