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Seattle Sounds: Interview with Guitarist, Steve White from KMFDM

KMFDM is still today, one of the front running Industrial-Metal acts, formed in 1984 by Sascha Konietzko in Hamburg, Germany. Since then, KMFDM has performed in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. KMFDM’s earliest performances were as a local act in Hamburg. Their first major tour was in support of Ministry in 1990. Since then, KMFDM has headlined all of their tours, and has been a major influence to many Industrial bands.  They are recognizedin the Urban Dictionary under “Industrial Music” as forefathers of the genre. I had the pleasure of talking to the (always witty) KMFDM Guitarist, Steve White, who resides in Seattle.

[Carpe Nocturne] Steve, you are getting ready to go on tour with KMFDM. How long is this tour going to last, and are you touring the US or the US and abroad?
[Steve] “Funny enough I am, as it happens. We are spoiling the Yanks for a month or so, teasing the Canucks, and just ignoring Europe right now.”

[Carpe Nocturne]  What/whom would you say inspires you as a guitarist?
[Steve] I have to say, the good life…and a certain cake maker from Tacoma. Once you’ve seen a fetus on “You Tube “playing your shit at twice the speed, it’s all pretty irrelevant, really. Oh, what was the question again? Erm, I love Geordie’s guitar playing in Killing Joke, but I met him recently and it turns out that he’s a bit of a wanker. That is strangely inspiring, to not be him.

[Carpe Nocturne] haha! How many bands/projects are you in presently?
[Steve] Single figures, these days. I only have 2 tits to suckle on.

[Carpe Nocturne] You are also quite the talented soundman. How long have you been running sound on the side for other bands?
[Steve] To f###ing long. It started as a mission to improve the player/listener experience. I would recommend that all bands become familiar with the sound projection process, as it can only benefit all parties concerned. However, most people in this business could not find their asshole to scratch, let alone tune that plank of wood round their neck. Being a Sound Person has morphed from: getting your gal into a show for free, to a charity with uninsured therapy classes beckoning.

[Carpe Nocturne] What is your favorite thing to do, besides touring, of course?
[Steve] See, I got into this business, like teachers for the holidays. Where do I start?  Hmmm…. I largely like eating and thus cooking. It’s all downhill from there, really. Sailing and eating…..erm…. drinking and eating (particular favourite). I suppose, professionally speaking, I like collecting free plug-ins and making gentile, harmonious ditties for my (which I am too scared to form) indie band that all my band members would hate. You know how it goes. Haberdashery comes in at a close second.

[Carpe Nocturne] What is Steve’s biggest pet peeve?
[Steve] If only I could confine it to ‘pet’ ..Oi , Don’t don’t get me started. It’s been a nice day, so far, as I have not had to deal with any other being. Let’s keep it that way. If forced, I would say the present trend amongst people to advertise their limited vocabulary and futile observations. Particularly the abuse of the verb, preposition, conjunction, adverb , noun etc…’LIKE’…I will have to leave this country when the valley kids eventually dispense with all vocabulary in favour of ‘Like’ and ‘Awesome’, delivered with question inflection or …’You know wot I’m saying ??’ or ‘Do you feel me ??’ Hurumph …
[Carpe Nocturne] Who are some of your favorite artists/bands to see/listen to?
[Steve] That’s an easy question for young people.” Me? Ha! Whatever one randomly finds on the web /radio or heaven forbid, somebody’s recommendation. I am a guitar player, so tick all the usual boxes of course. See previous comment about You Tube, begs the Spinal Tap line, ‘I could play Stairway to Heaven on my guitar when I was just 21 and Jimmy Page did not write until he was 27?’ I think that says a lot.

[Carpe Nocturne] What would be your advice to an aspiring guitarist?
[Steve] Don’t go Raga.

[Carpe Nocturne] Where are some of your favorite places to tour with KMFDM?
[Steve] Well, I consider myself very fortunate to go anywhere. However, the good ol’ US of A has been particularly kind to us and the fine people who support us are second to none. There is nothing finer than being on a posh tour bus with your oldest mates and being paid to be delinquents. Particular highlights of foreign travel would have to include our 3 shows over 2 weeks in Australia and our legendary 24hr ferry ride from Stockholm to Helsinki (in which too many rock and roll clichés happened to so many). Eventually culminating with the incarceration of our roadie who took the rap for the tour manager (whom can no longer visit Finland legally). If such a thing was possible on a boat, it all started innocently enough with 20 Swedish birds doing Karaoke.

[Carpe Nocturne] Anything you would like to promote?
[Steve] This is where I say something profound, particularly to make up for the last paragraph? I hear Nano Technology is doing fine without my endorsement,so I will have to give a shout out to the band: Murder Weapons and…world peace, naturally. Oh, and I whole heartedly endorse a cheddar cheese toasty with Marmite, Heinz baked beans, bit of tuna and mayo while watching a British period, costume drama…All dressed in black of course.Steve Baltic Room


[Carpe Nocturne] In the event that you haven’t heard KMFDM’s “awesome” 😉 music, I encourage you to check them out at

Facebook: www.facebook.com/officialkmfdm?fref=ts
Web: http://www.kmfdm.net/
Lastfm: http://www.last.fm/music/KMFDM
Twitter: https://twitter.com/kmfdmofficial
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/officialkmfdm

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