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WEAVENS’S WORLD – A Journey with Fantasy Hair

Steven Noss aka Weaven Steven is a hair designer from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He has completed a project he has been working on for about 3 1/2 years; a coffee table book titled Weaven’s World A Journey with Fantasy Hair.

Weaven’s World anthologizes the innovations and dramatic flair of acclaimed ‘weavologist’ Steven Noss. Set in locations across the United States, Noss bends reality to feature iconic and enigmatic fantasy hair fashions in an array of studio, dystopian, tropical, industrial and extra-terrestrial back drops. The compilation of these works showcases the journey of the artist as he broadens his own creative horizons while solidifying his already celebrated mastery in the fantasy hair field.

Weaven’s World is a full-color 158 page hardback photography book divided into eight segments that featured the written biography of Steven Noss and his fantasy hair designs, which range from fantasy hair weaves and high fashion hair-clothing, to hand crafted accessories and extravagant coiffures. In addition, he strategically places these designs in iconic locations throughout well-known cities such as; Pittsburgh, Detroit, Miami, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Memphis. Challenging the conventions that made him a legend on the Hair Wars circuit, Noss embarks in a new direction with compositions that defy originality.

Weaven’s World bridges the gap between fantasy hair and high fashion, while exposing a wider range of audiences to the riveting eccentric multicultural world of hair fashion. He explores the myths of weaves and delivers facts that highlight the wide range of hair pieces.


Weaven Steven’s hair designs have been featured in over 100 magazines and newspapers worldwide, and Steven Noss has made his mark as one of the foremost fantasy hair designers in the United States. Noss has devoted over 25 years to the hair industry and launched his career through the Hair Wars shows. Having travelled from New York City, Miami, and Las Vegas, Noss gained notoriety for producing inventive and ‘history making’ hair pieces, which showcase his range of design and color palette.

In addition to his travels, Noss’s appearances included styling for episodes of The Ricki Lake Show, Fashion Television, German Television show Taft, the Style Network’s Split Ends, Soul Train, America’s Next Top Model and the daytime Tyra Show. His extensive resume includes hair piece creations for celebrity clientele, such as Toccara Jones, Kut Klose, Fans of Jimmy Century, power couple Memphitz and Toya Wright, and Lady Ga Ga.

Weaven Steven’s New Coffee Table Book

Steven’s works can be viewed at www.weavensteven.com

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