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Volume XI – FALL 2016


Goth themed Fall 2016 issue includes Art, Entertainment, Fashion, Interviews, Life and Style, Film and Literature, Music, Reviews, and Technology. Heavy Red graces the cover, Jesse D Luna, Justin Symbol, Toxic Visions, Goth Fashion Around the World, Spotlight Features – Orpheum, Quantum Split, Carmilla Voiez, Dr. Calyn Pickens Rich, Belly Dancing, CD Reviews, Dark …

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Henna and Palmistry, Hand in Hand


Much like henna body art, ancient palmistry was a practice common to many different cultures and countries such as India, Tibet, China, Persia, Samaria, Israel, and Babylonia. One theory suggests palmistry’s roots are in Hindu astrology, and from India the art of palmistry spread to those other lands, also progressing …

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Rules? There Are No Rules in a Street Fight!


The statement that titles this article is from a classic Western, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, but it can just as easily apply to a back alley brawl, a bar clash, a mugging, a free-for-all, or an abusive situation. Like most every absolutist position, there are exceptions, and there …

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