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Natasha Cox: International and Unpredictable

I have been writing for Carpe Nocturne for a fairly long time now, and I have had the privilege of meeting some amazing artists. When I decided to reach out to Natasha Cox for an interview, I did so as a fan as much as I did a writer. When she …

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THE ART OF GOTHIC – Interview with author Natasha Scharf

Natasha Scharf is a writer, author, DJ, and broadcaster. She is the founder of Meltdown magazine and is well known in the UK Alt scene. Scharf has recently released a new book called The Art of Gothic that goes into detail about the Gothic culture, the music that compliments it, the important people involved with …

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WEAVENS’S WORLD – A Journey with Fantasy Hair

Steven Noss aka Weaven Steven is a hair designer from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He has completed a project he has been working on for about 3 1/2 years; a coffee table book titled Weaven’s World A Journey with Fantasy Hair. Weaven’s World anthologizes the innovations and dramatic flair of acclaimed ‘weavologist’ …

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