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A Creepy & Cute Life: An Interview with Hello Batty

Hello Batty, whose name is Kathryn, is a 25 year-old Fashion and Cosplay Youtuber that also covers Gothic and Japanese culture. She has had her Youtube account for a few years and has gained thousands of fans. I started watching her videos last year and was ecstatic to find an alternative Youtuber that covered some of my favorite interests and had great style. Her most popular video, “You Are Not a Real Goth! – Discrimination in The Subculture,” explained to others that Goth does not have a strict guide and showed us other sides of the subculture.

pic2  While Kathryn was growing up in Arizona, she would always watch shows like Sailor Moon and Card Captor Sakura. She tells me one day she picked up a comic called Othello, which is about a school girl who on weekends spends her time in Harajuku as a Gothic Lolita. Kathryn believes that that was the first time she heard the term Lolita used and quickly started to add lace and frills to her already Gothic wardrobe. Eventually she became addicted to a band called Malice Mizer and their beautiful member Mana. She discovered the Gothic & Lolita Bibles through him and his brand Moi-meme-Moitie. “It all pretty much went downhill from there”, she tells me, “ I have never recovered from my addiction to the fashion and lifestyle.”

She continues,“It wasn’t really till Jr High till I met my first school friend that liked anime. I met quite a few actually and it was really awesome to go to comic shops and swap the latest manga with each other. In High School we started an anime club and learned about conventions. We were really lucky that Arizona actually had a comic convention and anime convention we could attend. I went to my first when I was 15.” She would make costumes for her friends and they would cosplay on Halloween and at comic shop events. She says her first cosplay was in Jr High when her mom designed for her a Sailor Mercury costume for Halloween. “I felt so awesome! I bet if I found a picture now it would be so embarrassing.”

            Her fashion inspirations are constantly changing. “I think that’s why I can’t really build a solid wardrobe. I am all over the place with what I like and can never focus on one thing. Right now I am stuck between a love of neons, plastics, and the idea of kawaii magical alien girls or leaning towards earthy dark and mysterious witchy vibes.” There are so many things that continue to inspire her she says. She thinks the most important are all things magical and bringing a bit of magic into everyday life through the clothes we wear and I agree with her.

Since she started her Youtube channel she tells me her life has pretty much been the same, except now she has many new friends to talk to and share her life with. “I‘ve met so many amazing people by breaking out of my awkward anti-social shell through videos and having my camera with me at events! It makes it so easy to start conversations and not be shy which is wonderful because I am horrible at talking to strangers.”

Where can you find Hello Batty?

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