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The Hidden Treasures of Steampunk in Video Games

  Do you have a love for Steampunk? Do you have a love for video games? Ever wish you could have both put together? Well it has been done and you may have just missed out on a few great titles that are steampunk based. Here are a few hidden …

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Devil-M: Revenge of the Antichrist CD Review

Get ready for some heavy food for your metal ears with a classical instrumental touch that will leave you begging for more. Revenge of the Antichrist has a very unique sound. Each track on the album is interesting and enticing. Some bands in this Genre of music can get repetitive …

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Overcoming the Odds with Leæther Strip

One rarely get the chance to interview someone who has been making Industrial music for over 26 years especially, someone as busy as Claus Larsen. His one man project Leæther Strip is one of the busiest in the industry right now, and he is also one of the most loved. …

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