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Carpe Nocturne is the preeminent digital and print publication to feature the alternative subculture and eclectic creative offerings of all things Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Steampunk, Goth... and every genre in between. We are OTHER THAN THE NORM! We are a publication that features aspects of the contemporary creative cultures and subcultures to include Art, Entertainment, Fashion, Film and Literature, Interviews, Life and Style, Music, Reviews, and Technology found worldwide.

The Art of Neck Binding

Body modification has many faces. They range from common alterations like the everyday belly button piercing to more extreme modifications such as corneal tattooing, tongue splitting, and subdermal implants. The majority of body modifications have roots in indigenous regions and tribes and many are still practiced today. One such form …

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Strega Fashion

Once upon a time, alternative subcultures thrived underground. They arose from nebulous origins in backstreet clubs, each enthusiast crediting a different journalist, a different band, with starting it all. Now we live in the age of social media, and whilst some in the alternative scenes remain offline, enjoying the mystery …

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