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October, 2016

  • 18 October

    Volume XI – FALL 2016

    Goth themed Fall 2016 issue includes Art, Entertainment, Fashion, Interviews, Life and Style, Film and Literature, Music, Reviews, and Technology. Heavy Red graces the cover, Jesse D Luna, Justin Symbol, Toxic Visions, Goth Fashion Around the World, Spotlight Features – Orpheum, Quantum Split, Carmilla Voiez, Dr. Calyn Pickens Rich, Belly Dancing, CD Reviews, Dark …

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August, 2016

  • 27 August

    Henna and Palmistry, Hand in Hand

    Much like henna body art, ancient palmistry was a practice common to many different cultures and countries such as India, Tibet, China, Persia, Samaria, Israel, and Babylonia. One theory suggests palmistry’s roots are in Hindu astrology, and from India the art of palmistry spread to those other lands, also progressing …

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  • 24 August

    Rules? There Are No Rules in a Street Fight!

    The statement that titles this article is from a classic Western, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, but it can just as easily apply to a back alley brawl, a bar clash, a mugging, a free-for-all, or an abusive situation. Like most every absolutist position, there are exceptions, and there …

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  • 20 August


    Cosplay belly dance is an interesting genre of belly dance, since we dance in elaborate costumes anyway. It is a relatively new offshoot of fantasy belly dance. However, most of the characters in cosplay belly dance are drawn from sci-fi, comics, movies, or some aspect of pop culture that has …

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  • 12 August

    No, Marvel and DC are Not Destroying Your Childhoods: A brief look at the recent age of reboots, retcons, and re-imaginings in comic books.

    May 25, 2016 is a day that will live in fleeting infamy. Writer Nick Spencer and artist Jesus Saiz put out the first issue of “Steve Rogers: Captain America”, and the internet erupted in a firestorm of fury (comic geek pun intended) as Marvel used this first issue to show …

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  • 11 August

    NEW PLAYERS IN HELL’S KITCHEN – A Review of Season Two of “Daredevil”

    WARNING: SPOILERS INBOUND! The nature of heroism is something that seems simple enough to define from a personal point of view. Some define it as being self-sacrificing for the greater good; some define it as being a protector and savior of innocents. Some define heroism as taking it upon themselves …

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  • 9 August

    Fashion in Horror: An Examination

    by Midnight Movie Guy For as long as horror has been a genre, it has also touched upon nearly every aspect of humanity in one form or another. The world of fashion, though an unlikely coupling, has not been spared. It seems recently though that the realms of fashion and …

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  • 9 August

    Captain America: Civil War

    Since the creation of superheroes, the question has existed: What would happen if Hero A fought Hero B? It’s been a staple of Marvel Comics since the Golden Age when they were Timely Comics and their first big two superheroes, Sub-Mariner and The Human Torch, fought each other. It increased …

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July, 2016

  • 15 July

    Volume XI Summer 2016

    Steampunk themed Summer 2016 issue includes Lady Clankington, Kerli, Dan Sperry, Jenevieve, Helalyn Flowers, Dark Corner’s Poetry, CD Reviews, Movie Reviews, and much more! Carpe Nocturne is the preeminent digital and print publication to feature the alternative subculture and eclectic creative offerings of all things Fantasy, Goth, Sci-Fi, Steampunk, and …

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June, 2016

  • 28 June

    La Carmina’s Goth fashion blogger closet sale on Depop!

    Ever wish you had pieces from La Carmina’s wardrobe? Well, now you can — because she has launched a store on Depop!  Hundreds of unique clothes and accessories for sale: including Gothic Lolita, pin-up, J-rock, kawaii styles. Most of the items are rare, and found only in Japan. As a thank you for your support over the years, …

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