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No, Marvel and DC are Not Destroying Your Childhoods: A brief look at the recent age of reboots, retcons, and re-imaginings in comic books.

May 25, 2016 is a day that will live in fleeting infamy. Writer Nick Spencer and artist Jesus Saiz put out the first issue of “Steve Rogers: Captain America”, and the internet erupted in a firestorm of fury (comic geek pun intended) as Marvel used this first issue to show …

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The Hammer Trinity

“Engaging…highly theatrical!” – The Miami Herald “The Hammer Trinity is the kind of play that can, and will, inspire excitement in audience members!” – Miami New Times Written by Nathan Allen & Chris Mathews Directed by Nathan Allen The theatrical event of the year! The Hammer Trinity is a 3-plays-in-1-day epic …

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Kim and Misty Ormiston

[Carpe Nocturne] First let me say thank you for doing this interview with us as we know you both are very busy with your acting and modeling career. [KIM & MISTY] You’re very welcome, Angie. We’re very excited to be interviewed by Carpe Nocturne! [Carpe Nocturne] Tell us, what age …

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Aurelio Voltaire

Versatility and devilish charm come to mind when thinking about musician, animator, writer and top hat wearer Aurelio Voltaire. His music takes you straight to a Victorian graveyard where skeletons play the violin and zombies are a roaring good time. Voltaire’s sound defies classification, ranging from dark cabaret to gothic …

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